Thursday, 6 March 2014

Questions To Apply To My Cover

Q1) What two conventions have i used and why?
I have taken a photo of a woman, who is staring directly at the camera, so the person who looks at it, feels as if the model is staring directly at them. This appeals massively to the reader, as a person is easily attracted to someone if you make eye contact with them. It makes the audience feel special and important, as if they know the person personally. 
Another convention i have used is that my magazine is neat and structured and is aesthetically pleasing to many young women. Young teenage women are particularly known to want everything tidy and clean, so therefore using this allows more younger women to be attracted to the magazine.

Q2) What are the effects of my Layout, Typography, Colour Choice and Language Choice?
My layout which i have put on my magazine cover, is very structured and orderly placed. This appeals to the target audience of teenage girls, as they appreciate ordered and neat furnishings. The typography used, is very attractive to teenage girls, as the title text is curved and elegant which is attractive to women.