Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Logo Evaluation

My final image looks a lot like a posh school for secondary school students, overall I am happy with it as I managed to create it myself and it is the first time I have used Photoshop. The font I used suggests that the school is very posh meaning a public school, which explains that it has wealthy families. I chose a posh font as it fits in with the idea that it is a traditional school. The image I used fits the theme perfectly and I'm pleased I managed to crop and centre it to fit in the logo. The overall effect is pretty good.

For my image to be improved I could have added colour to make the picture stand out more, or added a border. The border could make the person looking at the logo centre in on the logo itself, so it makes the logo important. In order to improve I will have to practise on Photoshop more.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Harrow school

The logo is for a school show. The type setting for the show is a posh , traditional in North London. The type of characters in the show will be quite rich, posh students as they can afford to go to a public school. The show is a reality show, so the show will be about how they cope in the school that is very different from all other schools.

I first of all made the logo in Photoshop, I copied and pasted the logo onto Photoshop. Next I used the Square tool to draw around the logo. Finally i added in the paint tool to make the outline of the photo.

I rate my final logo 5/10. i hope that people will understand that the logo is meant to basic and quite posh, because the school is represented this way. When my skills improve, I hope that I will be able to add on better font,(I'm sorry you can't see the title),for my title. Also, I hope i can make the logo more out-standing, such as adding in more colour. Also, adding more features, such lighting.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New skill in Photoshop

In Photoshop, I don't yet know how to apply text. Here though are the instructions on how to type text:

1. First of all, go to the toolbar on the left, and select the Text Box Tool.
2. Secondly, once you've clicked on the text box symbol, drag out the text box-using the mouse while clicking on the left key- to the place where you want to type your text.
3. Finally in the text box type in what you want to type i.e...'HELLO'. Do this by clicking in the text box and typing what you want to say.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Album Covers

Here is the Iron Maiden logo

This album cover looks like it is for men. It seems the band is into heavy metal. It looks like there are a lot of demonic creatures in the background, suggesting toughness and power. The writing is in red, which implies that the band is into evil and death.

The man is dressed in baggy clothes, and doesn't look very smart. This suggests that the singer is very laid back, and the title audience is men. The way the man is so laid back and the American flag in the background, could mean that he is proud that he is representing his country in this way.

There is a naked lady, suggesting sex. The album title :"This is it", suggests this is what the artist wants in his life. There is nothing else in the background suggesting that the album is only about this.

All you can see is the four faces of the band Queen. This suggests that they are the most important part of the album, and that it is only about them. Their faces are very sad suggesting the album is about this.
You can see line tracings of mountains. The design is very simple, so it suggests that the album is very simple to. This could be his life, as at the beginning it was easy, in the middle of his life it was mountainous and tough,and at the end it was fine.

There is two people shaking hands, one is normal and the other is dressed the same way but on fire. This could suggest the good and the bad side of him. As they are shaking hands this could mean that his bad and good side are coming together.

There are four people standing looking very dejected and sad. This could mean they've been through hard times together. The pillar in the middle could suggest their friendship. The clouds are dark, suggesting bad times, but some are bright clouds suggesting hope.

The album is completely covered in pink suggesting it is aimed at girls. The title is unclear possibly meaning the artist doesn't know what to do, or the artist is lost.

There are men in the background dressed in smart suits. This could mean they wan the album aimed at the posh higher class. There are only two colours black and white, meaning the album could be about only two people.

There is only one person on the album cover suggesting the album is only about him. The man is looking very sternly as if he is very sad. The sternness of his face, could mean he has had a troubled past, and this could be what the album is about.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

About Waterloo Road

This is the Waterloo Road logo

I think they want the logo like this because the logo is spaced out like school tables to represent school. Also the tables and chairs are not spaced out very neatly as if they didn't care about how it looked. This goes back to the school as they don't really care about the school either.

The producers are tying to appeal to mainly teens and young adults in their 20's. I can see this as most of the characters are teenagers. Also, everyone in their life has been to a school before, and so to see how teens have changed, it is interesting for quite a lot of people. It is also for some people interesting to see the different type of personalities at school. It could also try to show parents what children at school behave. Finally, if the show was just full children behaving normally, the TV show won't get enough views. They have to make the programme more exciting, by exaggerating the behaviour of the students.

The program is aired every Thursday at 8PM. I think it is aired at this time because a lot of school children and teenagers usually watch TV at this time. I guess they must have done a survey to see what time teens watch TV. Also, they don't want to air it after 9PM. If so, no one under 15, would be aloud to watch. They want to make the show available to a wide range of people.

A feeling of carelessnes comes out when i look at the logo, because all the tables spelling out waterloo road are not ordered out well, and done in a scruffy way.

I would make the tables even more out of line to make it even more scruffy. To me this sums up the show itself

The logo itself is very effective as to me, as it sums up a typical, bad, rundown school.

If the proucers used more realistic characters, than the show might not get as much views. They have made the students and staff very stereotypical, so the show can be more exciting.

To make the show more realistic, they could give the school stricter teachers.
To make the show further from reality, they could let the school be taken over by the students.

The most realistic characters, are the teachers; as they teach the school as well as they can, even though the students behaviour is appaling.

When Waterloo road is aired at 8pm on a Thursday, there are a lot of Soap operas on at the same time. Which is very competitive to it. This is the reason why they have made the show so unrealistic, to add competition to the other shows and to add excitment.

It is broadcast on BBC One, because the BBC like these type shows and think that these shows will get more ratings.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What is Waterloo Road like

Waterloo Road is a run down secondary school because the school buildings are run down, old and tatty. Most students couldn't turn up in a proper school uniform, which shows they have no respect or pride for their school. There was a boy with a hockey stick, and he smashed a window with it. He obviously used it for violence, rather than for playing hockey. Also the headmaster was chucking school books and pages off the school roof. He was probably doing this because the school got bad GCSE results, which shows that the teaching at the school is bad. Also the teachers where smoking in the school playground. This shows that the teachers don't care about the school and can't wait till it finishes. Some of the students where bringing in ghetto blasters, radios, chains, to show that they hate school. Again there where students handing each other sachets, (probably drugs), showing once again they are gripped by gang culture.

Monday, 2 September 2013

What I did on the weekend

During the weekend,

On Friday I used my iPod to play games , I do this because I find it is a fun way to pass the time.

Then on Saturday, I used my phone to call my parents, I do this so I can keep in touch with friends and family.

Finally, on Sunday, I used my Xbox. I did this because it is a good way to pass the time and it is interesting.