Thursday, 12 December 2013

Cosmopolitan Magazine Review

The Cosmopolitan Magazine has Jess Alba on the front cover. She is a famous model and celebrity. The magazine has put her on the front cover, to say that famous people like or read this magazine. This makes the readers think that the magazine is popular with famous celebrities, so it makes the person want to buy it. Jessica Alba is looking straight down the camera, so the reader will look right into her eyes. This makes the reader feel important, and they will want to buy the magazine. If the reader is looking at this, they think that they can become like this. When the magazine does this, they hope to attract more readers.

Direct address is used on the front cover of the magazine. The magazine is talking to you, and is making a direct address to your lifestyle. This Cosmopolitan Magazine says things like: 'Ways you're accidentally sexy',' Have you changed your bed sheets this week?',' Already in your Wardrobe',' How to find your orgasm every time'. This is used to make the reader feel as if this implies to them. It makes the reader feel as if they are the centre of attention. It makes the reader feel as if they can become like this if they want. When magazines do this, it has a massive effect on the target audience.

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