Monday, 9 December 2013

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazines

There are different types of content in magazines, such as: Health, Glamour, Marriage, Relationships, but mostly there are just adverts of perfumes, fashion and stores such as DFS. These all relate to women, and their lifestyles. When people look at this, it makes them feel that this is how a women should live. With things such as "Personal stylist party shoes, 10 ways to get happy, Marriage in crisis, sex drugs and yoga, love the skin your in, start losing weight." These are topics that appeal to women more than men, and are things that women want to have in their life such as good skin, losing weight, and acheive happiness in their life. 
The lay out of a lot of magazines are exactly the same. They usually have a woman, smiling happily at you on the front cover, in a bright coloured dress which you can buy at John Lewis for example. Either side of the woman there is writing of what you can expect inside the magazine such as things about how to keep your marriage together, and how to lose weight. They are set out in a tidy, orderly way, which is how women like everything. As you open onto the first page you get a double sided advertisement on perfume. Appealing to women. You turn the page and you get the contents page which explains everything interesting further. From then on you get a story, and then adverts until the end of the mag. From my analysis, the gender this appeals to more is women, especially in their mid thirties. This is because about then, women are usually getting married, and the age when they are concerned most about their weight. It tells women what should be most important to them.
Women would hope to benefit from buying this magazine, by hoping that it will change their perception of what they have to do in their life. They hope that it will keep their marriage together, and give them good tips on how to find men.

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