Thursday, 5 December 2013

Album Cover Connotations

Here is Rihanna's album cover of Loud. On the cover is a close-up picture of Rihanna. She is wearing red lipstick, with dyed red hair. This could show that the album is vibrant and colourful, with up-beat songs. Red is associated with blood and war, so this could connote that the album is energetic. She is wearing ear rings as well to say that she is wealthy. The tattoo could also mean this. Her face is captured in a seductive way, meaning that is also being aimed, not just at teenage girls, but at man also.

Here is Emeli Sande's album cover of Our Version Of Events. Here there Emeli facing backwards from the camera and looking over her shoulder. It could mean that she is looking back at her past. On her back there are black roses, looking dead. This could mean that in her past there has been death. There is a dull blank background, possibly meaning that ahead of her there is still more sadness. Her hair is grey, but her face is young, meaning that she is feeling old and deprieved. She has cheap ear rings, meaning she does not have much money left. 

Here is Bruno Mars' album cover for Unorthodox Jukebox. Here there is an ape or gorilla, over an old and dilapidated Jukebox. In the background there is nothing, except a dull white background. The Gorilla seems to be standing up, which could mean that he looks stupid, but actually on the outside he is clever. However the Jukebox is old, which could mean that it is out of fashion, and not popular anymore. The gorilla could mean that people who listen to Jukebox's are stupid and old-fashioned.
Here we have Michael Buble taking off his tie with a orange background. He is looking very seductively away from the camera, and is taking off his tie. This could mean that he is looking at a women and fantasizing about her. I think that he is a womanizer and looking for a woman. The orange could give a happy atmosphere to the song.

Here there is Rod Stewart walking along a beach with a guitar. His Guitar could show his love of music. The way he is walking on a beach, could mean that it is a very relaxed album, with soothing songs. He is looking out to sea and that could mean that the sea to him is peaceful, or maybe he just likes the sea. The text of Rod Stewart's name, is in a very laid back sort of tone. He is dressed in a leather jacket, to show that he is cool or happy.

Here is Jake Bugg's album cover. It is a black and white picture, of him looking depressed. This could mean that he is sad in his life, and that the songs in the album are sad, and depressing as well. In the background there looks like the front of an old house. This could mean that he came from a poor background. He wearing a jacket to keep himself warm, suggesting that the feeling in his life is cold.

Here is the album cover for the Arctic monkeys album :AM. It is a piece of minimalist artwork, looking like a thing that measures sound waves. This could mean that they have an energetic sound to their music. There doesn't seem to be anything else in the background, so the album must just be about the music.
Here is Bastille's album cover for Bad Blood. Here there is a man running away on a road, being illuminated by car lights. This could mean that he does not like the people he is running from, meaning that he wants to get away from them. The background is in darkness, meaning that he is running from the light and into the dark.
Here is Daft Punks album called Random Access Memories. There is two half masks put together to look like one mask. There is nothing in the background, so it suggests that the album is just about them. The masks are shining, meaning that they are shining are the best. This can also give off the impression that they are rich due to the shining masks. The masks also look futuristic, which gives off the sense that they are a techno duo. 

This is the eponymous album of Rage Against the Machine. The cover shows a supposed man on fire, he doesn't look bothered about it so he is probably self-immolating. Self-immolation usually occurs when people are protesting about a certain subject. The band, Rage Against the Machine, are probably using this mans sacrifice to protest about a subject. This man was protesting about the way Tibet was run by the Chinese. RATM are probably using this to protest about the government. The picture is in black and white, which can give off a sad, melancholy vibe to the album.

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