Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Magazine Cover Review

Here is the cover of Mens Health. It is will be aspirational to some people as it tells on the front cover things like 'Drop 5KGS Now!'. This will attract men into their magazine with slogans like 'Double Muscle'. The target audience for the magazine is men in their 30's, as there are things like diet techniques on the front. 'Fitter, Leaner, Richer'. The magazine expects it's target audience to learn techniques to lose weight. It tells you on the front cover things like 'Press here for explosive sex!', 'Best foods for men'! These tell you things about private life, and how you can improve them.

Here is the Cosmopolitan front cover. This will be aspirational to some people, as it tells people to 'Love your Body'. These slogans make women attracted to the magazine. The target audience for the magazine is women in their 30's. It tells people a lot about losing weight such as :'Too fat? Your Body Demons'. Many women at this age are cautious about their weight. The values the magazine expects the readers to have is to improve their life. It tells you a lot about sex and how to improve it. The magazine is saying that you need to look at this, otherwise you are not normal.
The tone of the magazine is aspirational as there is vibrant colours, and a women staring at you. The target audience for this magazine is 18-20 year old women, you can see this with things like 'You=A*flirt!' A* referring to school grades. There are many things to do with school such as 'Celeb School Confessions', 'Classmates need to mop up my periods'. This can show that they want to teenage girls to grow up like this, with all the latest fashion, and have lots of glamour, and to gossip.

Here is the front cover of Attitude magazine. The cover is aspirational, as it is included with many things such as vibrant colours and a male celebrity on the front. The magazine is aimed at gay men. You can see this because it has a blue background aimed at men, however it says. 'Obsessed with a guy?'

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