Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What is Waterloo Road like

Waterloo Road is a run down secondary school because the school buildings are run down, old and tatty. Most students couldn't turn up in a proper school uniform, which shows they have no respect or pride for their school. There was a boy with a hockey stick, and he smashed a window with it. He obviously used it for violence, rather than for playing hockey. Also the headmaster was chucking school books and pages off the school roof. He was probably doing this because the school got bad GCSE results, which shows that the teaching at the school is bad. Also the teachers where smoking in the school playground. This shows that the teachers don't care about the school and can't wait till it finishes. Some of the students where bringing in ghetto blasters, radios, chains, to show that they hate school. Again there where students handing each other sachets, (probably drugs), showing once again they are gripped by gang culture.

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