Thursday, 19 September 2013

Harrow school

The logo is for a school show. The type setting for the show is a posh , traditional in North London. The type of characters in the show will be quite rich, posh students as they can afford to go to a public school. The show is a reality show, so the show will be about how they cope in the school that is very different from all other schools.

I first of all made the logo in Photoshop, I copied and pasted the logo onto Photoshop. Next I used the Square tool to draw around the logo. Finally i added in the paint tool to make the outline of the photo.

I rate my final logo 5/10. i hope that people will understand that the logo is meant to basic and quite posh, because the school is represented this way. When my skills improve, I hope that I will be able to add on better font,(I'm sorry you can't see the title),for my title. Also, I hope i can make the logo more out-standing, such as adding in more colour. Also, adding more features, such lighting.

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