Tuesday, 10 September 2013

About Waterloo Road

This is the Waterloo Road logo

I think they want the logo like this because the logo is spaced out like school tables to represent school. Also the tables and chairs are not spaced out very neatly as if they didn't care about how it looked. This goes back to the school as they don't really care about the school either.

The producers are tying to appeal to mainly teens and young adults in their 20's. I can see this as most of the characters are teenagers. Also, everyone in their life has been to a school before, and so to see how teens have changed, it is interesting for quite a lot of people. It is also for some people interesting to see the different type of personalities at school. It could also try to show parents what children at school behave. Finally, if the show was just full children behaving normally, the TV show won't get enough views. They have to make the programme more exciting, by exaggerating the behaviour of the students.

The program is aired every Thursday at 8PM. I think it is aired at this time because a lot of school children and teenagers usually watch TV at this time. I guess they must have done a survey to see what time teens watch TV. Also, they don't want to air it after 9PM. If so, no one under 15, would be aloud to watch. They want to make the show available to a wide range of people.

A feeling of carelessnes comes out when i look at the logo, because all the tables spelling out waterloo road are not ordered out well, and done in a scruffy way.

I would make the tables even more out of line to make it even more scruffy. To me this sums up the show itself

The logo itself is very effective as to me, as it sums up a typical, bad, rundown school.

If the proucers used more realistic characters, than the show might not get as much views. They have made the students and staff very stereotypical, so the show can be more exciting.

To make the show more realistic, they could give the school stricter teachers.
To make the show further from reality, they could let the school be taken over by the students.

The most realistic characters, are the teachers; as they teach the school as well as they can, even though the students behaviour is appaling.

When Waterloo road is aired at 8pm on a Thursday, there are a lot of Soap operas on at the same time. Which is very competitive to it. This is the reason why they have made the show so unrealistic, to add competition to the other shows and to add excitment.

It is broadcast on BBC One, because the BBC like these type shows and think that these shows will get more ratings.

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