Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Logo Evaluation

My final image looks a lot like a posh school for secondary school students, overall I am happy with it as I managed to create it myself and it is the first time I have used Photoshop. The font I used suggests that the school is very posh meaning a public school, which explains that it has wealthy families. I chose a posh font as it fits in with the idea that it is a traditional school. The image I used fits the theme perfectly and I'm pleased I managed to crop and centre it to fit in the logo. The overall effect is pretty good.

For my image to be improved I could have added colour to make the picture stand out more, or added a border. The border could make the person looking at the logo centre in on the logo itself, so it makes the logo important. In order to improve I will have to practise on Photoshop more.

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  1. LOGO - Not Submitted

    EVAL: C3 - The evaluation is sound and offers some potential in the level of reflection. Detail is the thing that is missing here.
    T: Add more detail to your answers using specific examples.