Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Album Covers

Here is the Iron Maiden logo

This album cover looks like it is for men. It seems the band is into heavy metal. It looks like there are a lot of demonic creatures in the background, suggesting toughness and power. The writing is in red, which implies that the band is into evil and death.

The man is dressed in baggy clothes, and doesn't look very smart. This suggests that the singer is very laid back, and the title audience is men. The way the man is so laid back and the American flag in the background, could mean that he is proud that he is representing his country in this way.

There is a naked lady, suggesting sex. The album title :"This is it", suggests this is what the artist wants in his life. There is nothing else in the background suggesting that the album is only about this.

All you can see is the four faces of the band Queen. This suggests that they are the most important part of the album, and that it is only about them. Their faces are very sad suggesting the album is about this.
You can see line tracings of mountains. The design is very simple, so it suggests that the album is very simple to. This could be his life, as at the beginning it was easy, in the middle of his life it was mountainous and tough,and at the end it was fine.

There is two people shaking hands, one is normal and the other is dressed the same way but on fire. This could suggest the good and the bad side of him. As they are shaking hands this could mean that his bad and good side are coming together.

There are four people standing looking very dejected and sad. This could mean they've been through hard times together. The pillar in the middle could suggest their friendship. The clouds are dark, suggesting bad times, but some are bright clouds suggesting hope.

The album is completely covered in pink suggesting it is aimed at girls. The title is unclear possibly meaning the artist doesn't know what to do, or the artist is lost.

There are men in the background dressed in smart suits. This could mean they wan the album aimed at the posh higher class. There are only two colours black and white, meaning the album could be about only two people.

There is only one person on the album cover suggesting the album is only about him. The man is looking very sternly as if he is very sad. The sternness of his face, could mean he has had a troubled past, and this could be what the album is about.


  1. In general Frankie, you do well with the connotations. No 3 is the only one where the connotation is completely off.

    Well done,